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We offer a first of its kind book on Hollywood, three books on various facets of numerology, two books on the supernatural, and beautiful secular and sacred music recorded by smooth baritone, Jeff Lawrence.

       Do you love to read about Hollywood? Shirley & Jeff have put together a tell-all that you wont find in any other biography or book on Hollywood. If you are thinking of becoming a movie star, get this book first, so you will know what to expect and be better prepared. Find out how to "play the game!"
      Are you interested learning what makes numerology tick? Shirley's two books make clear not only how it works, but why. Unlike other books, her Secret Science gives details of all letters and numbers, and Exploring Numerology makes it easy for you to make your own chart and interpret it.
   Jeff & Shirley have been interviewed on their Hollywood book on radio shows all over the United States and Canada, with enthusiastic response.

     Jeff, born Lawrence Volkert, and Shirley Blackwell met and married while working in Hollywood studios. Jeff had been a chaplain's assistant in the army, an organist and singer. Shirley sang in operas & musicals. As runner-up for a screen test, was invited to come to Hollywood Fox Studios.
     Over 30 years they worked with stars from every era whose stories were so interesting that they took notes that developed into a book filled with unpublished Hollywood facts and trivia; a true Hollywood lover's source of fun movie anecdotes.
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About Us
   Shirley's father and mother, Lloyd & Astrid Blackwell, were both born psychics whose varied experiences were penned by Lloyd at Shirley's request. She then put them into book form for the family, but because of wide interest - made them available for everyone.